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Created on 2011-12-04 15:37:30 (#1123398), last updated 2011-12-04 (307 weeks ago)

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Name:Not to be a prig, but could you format that?
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prig    [prig]
a person who displays or demands of others pointlessly precise conformity, fussiness about trivialities, or exaggerated propriety, especially in a self-righteous or irritating manner.

Hi, my name is Kat and I am a prig when it comes to fanmixes. I want them formatted to appear as a single album in iTunes with: the Artist, Mixer, Album Name, track numbers, disc numbers and even like them all to have genre labeled.

So... yeah.

I have slowly come to realize that I am not alone. It isn't even mixes. Apparently there are some of you that feel that strongly about pod fic.

So I'm opening this com in the hopes of providing a place to discuss just what is the proper way of commenting - "I really love this, but you need to format it."

But, you know, without the "hi, I'm a prig" portion.

Don't know if it will work, but hey, it might be worth the discussion and tutorials.

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fan mix, itunes, itunes formats, podfic
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